NBA Eastern Conference Preview

Lebron James was named MVP for the first time in his NBA career in 2021. He led the league in scoring and rebounding, and he is arguably the most clutch player in the NBA today. Lebron has matured since his days as a rookie in Cleveland, but he’s still the best player on the planet. Lebron’s lightning quickness and devastating dunks are the hallmarks of his dominance as a two-time MVP, but he also deserves the credit for putting the Cavs ahead of the Heat in the Eastern Conference this year. Here are three of his most impressive NBA game-winners:

Game-winning jumper. During the Eastern Conference finals against the Pistons, Lebron James took over in the clutch and hit a jumper from the top of the key with 4.7 seconds left on the clock to send the game into OT. The sequence was actually initiated by an amazing steal by Lebron on a fast break with no dribble available to force a turnover. It all happened during the second quarter, when the Cavs were within a point of going back to even in their series victory over the Pistons.

Block. Lebron James was absolutely superb at creating offensive plays as a member of the Cleveland Cavalers. He found himself in a difficult situation early in the fourth quarter of a Game 6 against the Heat. With the Heat on a five-point lead, Lebron James put pressure on the Heat’s smaller defenders by getting them into foul trouble. Lebron then took off for a jumper up the left side of the court and nailed a tying block with 2.2 seconds left on the clock. The score was 105-103.

Shiftiness. Lebron James is known for his incredible ball handling skills, but one play exemplifies just how important his ability to move is to him. During a second half stretch in the NBA Finals, the Cavs were tied up. They had a chance to take the lead again, but Lebron James went into overdrive and made a play that will go down in history. A desperation move to tie the game with two free throws left the undermounting Lance Thomas on the floor.

Big Finish. During the NBA Finals, Lebron James put on a clinic by going down the line and draining multiple three pointers. This came just a day after he knocked down a three pointer over Draymond Green. Even with the Heat on a three pointer barrage, Lebron was able to finish the game for the Cavs with a stunning performance. His game winning jumper sealed the deal. The future Hall of Famer has now hit two key three pointers in a row to seal a victory over his longtime rival in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Don’t Sleep on LeBron. You’ve seen what the Cavs are capable of in the past. You know they’re a deep team with so much depth. It’s time you learned to expect that you’re going to be playing against the best, especially when it comes to the guy who might be considered the best.

LeBron is a beast when it comes to defensive ability. He’s a terror on the paint and has one of the most lethal shots in the league. If the Cavs don’t get stops, they could very well lose this series in four. Don’t underestimate this fact.

When Lebron James is on his game, the Miami Heat can be a completely different team. They might not even win this series, but don’t count them out. Don’t take their record at face value, take into consideration the fact that Lebron James has been great this year, and that he and his teammates can make a run to the NBA Finals. This is a huge part of the formula for success. When healthy, the Miami Heat are still the team to beat in the NBA’s East.

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