NBA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are a major American professional basketball team currently based in Los Angeles. The Lakers play in the National Basketball League’s Western Conference for the second consecutive year. They are part of the NBA’s ranks for the fourth consecutive season.

During their time in the NBA, the Lakers have seen some big stars come and go. A lot of names have fallen from the NBA’s ranks, but the one constant was the presence of Kobe Bryant. This season marks the end of his third stint with the Lakers. He is now entering the final year of his contract with the organization.

With Kobe Bryant now gone, the new faces in the NBA are arguably the best players in the NBA this season. The Los Angeles Lakers have added wing players like Steve Francis, Chris Paul, and Luis Scola to their roster. They have also added two top draft picks in the upcoming NBA draft, ensuring they will be in position to take the top overall player when the right player becomes available. As well, the Lakers have signed prized free agents Earl Monroe and waived Chris Carrabba. They now hold the number one position in the NBA, and all eyes are on them to lead the team to another NBA Championship in 2021.

With all the young guns already in the NBA, the spotlight this season has turned to the perennially popular NBA franchise. Every single season the Lakers have had great success, but this year is different. The Los Angeles Lakers are not expected to contend for any championships in 2021. That is a far cry from the way they were last season when they were one of the most competitive teams in the NBA. This is due largely in part to the retirements of several key players, but also because of injuries and a mediocre coaching staff.

This year there will be a lot more focus on the Los Angeles Lakers than usual. There will be a lot more focus on what the team can do to improve. Many people are expecting the team to contend for the NBA title, but realistically they have a long road ahead of them before they get there. They have a lot of young talent, but they need to improve on many areas of their game if they want to take the NBA crown. Let’s take a look at some of their problems that they have to overcome this season.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Lakers is whether or not Kobe Bryant will ever be able to play again. He is the face of the franchise, and is arguably the best player in the NBA at the moment. He is coming into his ninth year in the NBA and is coming off one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history. He is entering his prime, and has shown no signs of slowing down at all. Losing his form could be an absolutely devastating blow to the Lakers.

The other huge question surrounding the Lakers is whether or not they have enough talent to challenge the deep competition in the NBA. They have a lot of good players, but none of them have been able to make the kind of strides that Kobe Bryant has made. It is easy to see why the Lakers would be a serious threat to the NBA’s crown. They have a number of good players, but they lack that one big player that could cause teams to lose games. They are going to have to rely on the recent success of rookie Michael Redd, who has shown some excellent NBA skills so far, but he too will need time to gel with the other players on a consistent basis.

There are a lot of reasons why the Lakers should be in the NBA playoffs, but this season is far from a sure thing. The injuries to key players have really hurt them, and it appears as if they may not be able to turn things around in January. The Eastern Conference is tougher than the Western Conference when it comes to conference strength, and it would be very difficult for the Lakers to make a deep run through the playoffs. If they want to make a deep run, they need to develop the same kind of depth that they did in the middle of the past decade. That will take time, and it will require a lot of effort from the coaching staff and from the players. I think they can make it, but I just don’t see them reaching the heights of past success without a lot more help this season.

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